We’re proud to be ahead of the curve when it comes to environmental sustainability — and we’re always looking for fresh ways to reduce the carbon footprint of our everyday operations and the events we organise.

It’s a win-win for everyone, including us, your guests, and the planet.


Sustainable events with style

We make your event as environmentally sustainable as possible with no extra hassle — and without sacrificing style. Here’s how…


Conscious travel

How staff, guests, and suppliers travel to the venue can have a significant impact on the carbon footprint of your event.

That’s why we carefully consider the location of venues with travel in mind, and offer guidance for guests on ‘how to get there’ more sustainably. We also encourage public transport for our own event staff and suppliers and ask deliveries to be grouped into bulk batches so they can share transport.

And any Dynamite vehicles used for the event conform to ULEZ, helping to lower emissions to help make cleaner air for everyone.


Sustainable materials without the sacrifice

The materials used at your event are another key element that can dramatically increase — or reduce — the carbon footprint of your event. But sustainability doesn’t mean you have to compromise on luxury — or fun. Instead, we’ll help you organise an event that’s as elegant as it is eco-friendly.

We’ve swapped single-use plastic for more sustainable materials such as biodegradable utensils, and we always ensure tableware and decor are made from sustainable sources. We also reuse or recycle all glassware, paper, and cardboard materials used for your event where possible including signage and polycarbonate glassware instead of paper cups if the event is outdoors, and ensure our suppliers are chosen because they do the same.

We’ll also help you digitise as much event information as possible — including QR-coded menus and online guest lists, to ensure there is no more un-necessary printing and cut down paper waste.


Championing local suppliers

Selecting suppliers for their stellar sustainability and environmental credentials is another way to reduce the carbon footprint of your event.

We’ll always try to work with local suppliers to make sure everything is as close to the venue as possible — from produce and materials, to staff and transportation.


Reducing our own carbon footprint

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop at our events.

We’ve championed remote working since 2018. That means no unnecessary travelling, no office waste (paper, e-waste, the lot), and a whole lot of energy saved.

We always travel to client and site meetings via public or group transport. and we ensure supplier meetings are organised on the same day if they’re anywhere near the same location.


Plan your next sustainable event

From team-building workshops to corporate conferences, we have years of experience planning every type of event with sustainability in mind.


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